High Vacuum pressure gauge

ph-instruments develops, manufactures, and sells cost effective High Vacuum pressure gauges based on the outstanding Spinning Rotor Gauge Technology.
The sensor concept is simple: a stainless-steel ball in a tube and just on demand the measurement head is mounted. The head interferes by electromagnetic forces with the ball, measures contactless the rotation frequency change of the spinning ball during operation. All without any interference to the vacuum system, no feedthroughs, no electronics, no heat transfer or mechanical effects are needed that would affect the vacuum conditions, results in an unreached long term stability of the vacuum pressure measurement result.

The head/readout is sophisticated but can be used for multiple sensors without any loss of performance (as just a rotation frequency of the sphere is measured).
The reproducibility, accuracy and long-term stability is on the one hand at transfer standard level, on the other hand the Sensor tube with the sphere 2 part design allows its use under rough environmental and industrial conditions.

Mission Statement

ph-instruments develops, produces and markets vacuum measurement systems with unique Spinning Rotor Gauge technology for demanding applications in industry, laboratory and scientific research. Our mission is to supply cost-effective, application-driven solutions to our customers. Our core team of vacuum specialists has more than 20 years’ experience in vacuum measurement and process control. Products are designed and produced in Germany and Austria, meeting the highest standards of quality, accuracy, precision and reliability. Innovative technology offers increased energy efficiency and helps protect the environment from CO2 emissions.