Vacuum protected devices and getter development

Insulation vacuum allows not only a thermal insulation but also protects surfaces from corrosion (oxidation), can avoid arcing and shortcuts, or helps to get defined (clean) conditions. Under Vacuum the number of molecules is significantly reduced, many liquid/condensed substances evaporate and can be pumped away once the pressure is below their partial pressure. As the number of reactive molecules is reduced, you achieve nearly perfect and defined conditions to refill with another medium (Lamp manufacturing), in case of high power applications, the reduced number of molecules reduces the conductance of the medium (as fewer molecules get charged / ionized), so an increase in electrical insulation in a smaller package, in addition corrosion, is minimized (Vacuum interrupters).

In manufacturing and R&D the SRG can be used to measure the pressure conditions even after the Vacuum vessel is closed, if using a glass sensor the tube with the ball can be easily removed and disposed of after production. This might also be usful for the development of getters, which is commonly used to keep static vacuums more stable.

No need to open the sealed vacuum chamberIdeal for monitoring sealed vacuum systems
Easy to connect to port
No electrical feedthroughsChamber remains sealed
Electromagnetic/Mechanical measurementDoes not affect pressure or gas composition
Insensitive to vacuum process and temperature conditions
All-metal Sensor (in metal or glass tube)Contactless measurement provides long-term stability
High accuracy direct vacuum measurement
No component to fail or replace
Cost effective Sensor concept
Glass sensor tube maybe removed and be disposed of before shipment
Removeable Sensor head/readoutElectronics remain protected
Measurement and mounting on demand
One head for multiple sensors
High intrinsic accuracy/reproducibilityNo adjustments: Sufficient accuracy for most applications
Long term stability for years
No electronics remain after measurementCorrosion and “outdoor” weather resistant
One-button operationNo special training or specialist needed
Protection cap and magnet for storageNo breakage risk or damage of the ball's surface
Remote PC controlUser friendly
Serviceable sensorQuick and easy to clean and reassemble
Single connection to multiple units via RS-485 interfaceSimultaneously monitors multiple vacuum chambers